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By Laura Lane and Laurie Nersten

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Laura Lane
Laurie Nersten
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About the Cover Art

In September 2011 while Celeste and Hayley were undergoing their chemotherapy treatments, Celeste's mother Laura Lane took to painting late at night at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto. This particular painting was inspired by colours chosen by Hayley : Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow. This was Hayley's favourite and she named it  "Waves". It was one of 24 paintings Laura created during the 3 months Celeste spent at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Those original paintings were exhibited in various galleries in the Niagara Region in December 2011 to February 2012, before being lost in a tragic gallery fire February 15th 2012.  "Waves" has become Laura Lane's signature piece. Images of the whole collection and Laura's other works can be viewed  and purchased on her website Here.

Facing your child's cancer with Hope, Strength and Courage