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By Laura Lane and Laurie Nersten

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Praises for Two Mothers One Prayer


"If your heart has ever ached as you have watched your child endure hardships then Two Mothers, One Prayer will help heal your heart and show you an inspiring new perspective to parenting when faced with the stark reality of serious illness or death of your child. Laura Lane and Laurie Nersten's experiences will both bring you to tears and lift your spirit."
Jack Canfield Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul®

"As the father of two daughters and a son, I can only imagine the heartache of learning that one of my children has cancer. Laura and Laurie have shown incredible fortitude in supporting their daughters. Their story will touch, inspire and provide hope to every parent who loves their children. If you're a parent, be sure you read this book."
Chris Attwood, NY Times bestselling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches

"Beautiful and inspiring! You can feel the love Laura and Laurie have for their daughters. The wonderful relationship they formed to support each other is amazing."
Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestselling Author of Your Hidden Riches and The Passion Test

"Beautifully written and touching to the core! What these two mothers have endured is both heart-breaking and inspiring. In Two Mothers, One Prayer they show us how they were able to overcome so much with love and grace. They are incredible examples of courage, strength and hope to their daughters and to each of us. "
Marci Schimoff, Author of the#1 NY Times Bestsellers Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"Heartfelt and moving, this is a book that brings tears, hope, and the presence of beauty and God to the surface of each of us. These two connected families demonstrated the power of community and the inner strength, courage and hope we all can tap into, when and if needed"
Dr. Carrie Rongits, NDFonthill Naturopathic Clinic

“Two Mothers, One Prayer carries the reader on a beautiful journey though the devastating world of childhood cancer. Navigating the day to day struggles with love and courage, inspiring hope on every page."
Christina Rasmussen, "Second Firsts: Live, Laugh and Love Again"

"Two courageous“Two Mothers One Prayer, is an inspiring story of how people take a tragedy and turn it into an inspiring mission. With Laura's experiences she has created a new outlook on life and parenting. I endorse Laura Lane with this book and any project she pursues in the future in her efforts to helping people and families battle cancer. Any parent needs to read this book, it will inspire to become a better parent."
Dr. Alok Trivedi

"A very moving and powerful book! A must read for anyone dealing with a life changing battle with their health."
Dr. Scott Taylor

"Two Mothers, One Prayer - two moms' moving accounts of their families' childhood cancer journeys told with honesty, love, humour and respect via their shared emails makes for compelling reading."
Susan Kuczynski, OPACC Parent Liaison

"This is not an easy read but it is an inspirational one. I cannot imagine, nor do I want to imagine living through such an ordeal, but if I had to, I would thank God for bringing Celeste and Laura, and Hayley and Laurie into my life. An invaluable resource for parents and their children living with cancer."
Kelly Daniels, Actor & Director.

“While reading Two Mothers One Prayer : Facing your child's cancer with Hope, Strength and Courage , I asked myself what did I learn, what message are these two stalwart Mothers are trying so sincerely to convey. The answer I discovered was quite simple, yet profound; the outstretched arms of a Mother in never ending hope for their child is the most perfect example of unconditional love found in this life."
Jeff Roy, PGA Professional and father of 5.

"Two courageous women document their heart wrenching journey through every parent's worst nightmare. If your child is struggling through a serious or terminal illness, please read this book."
Steve Siebold, author, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

“I loved the fact that this book demonstrated that no matter what road the cancer journey may take your family down one must always remain positive and hold on to HOPE with both hands. This book is a must-read for everyone as the lessons and messages conveyed in the book can certainly be applied to any day-to-day life situations."
Coral- Ann Bierer


“Laura I just finished your book and I have to tell you it is amazing. It is so beautifully written and the actual emails between yourself and Laurie, are wonderful. When you spoke about the diagnosis and treatments, I could almost replace Celeste's name with Kelsey, I could relate so well. I really like how you prepared Celeste for the transition and shared that because really, what do we know about preparing our child for death. I hope that your book can be shared with patients and families in every pediatric oncology ward."
Lana Hill, mom of Kelsey Hill, www.TeamKelsey.ca

“I can't put your book down at night. I am walking around sleep deprived for the past two days. I am half way through. I feel like I am there with you and Laurie awaiting test results. The letters that forged your friendship are uplifting and endearing. I will definitely be writing an endorsement for this work, and recommending it as a must read…… Laura I finished it. I have tears streaming down my face. I already knew the outcome but it did not make it any easier to read. I want you to know, I did not bail on that chapter, I figure if you could go through that and endure it, the least the rest of us can do is travel that journey beside you and not bail. You are the strongest women I know and your heart is one of compassion and purity. Let me think on what way best to express how this book has touched me and why the world needs to hear this story of love and courage and sacrifice."
Sherry Georgeoff, Nurse


"The touching, unforgettable story of two brave girls fighting a deadly disease, and the loving support of the women who gave them life." Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“To those of you reading this, this book is wonderful, it is well done and as a mother who has had a child with cancer, I feel this book can bring you hope, help and healing. It brought back so many moments in our lives of our cancer journey with our son, some good memories and some not so good. I love that although both of these families both came from different faiths this did not matter where the prayers were coming from they both enjoyed the blessings as they came along. I especially love the connection the two girls shared with each other as they went through their journey as I know what it is like going through it alone as ours was a rare cancer for our son and sharing the experiences would have been nice.

If you have not read this book you should. I am not much of a reader but I could not stop reading as I wanted to know what happened next. This book will help so many people who go through a cancer journey with their child and I wish them well. It is sure to help so many others, good luck and may Heavenly Father Bless you both for wanting to share your stories with us."
Caroline Bonfield, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Any parent whose child has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness will relate to this book!

As a mother whose thirteen year old daughter was also diagnosed with a brain tumour in February 2011, “ Two mothers, one prayer: facing your child's cancer with hope, strength and courage" captivated my heart within seconds of reading it! The way in which it details the unique loud sounds and magnetic powers of the MRI machine, the deep ache in their hearts when having to say goodbye to their daughter for surgery, the anxiety as you wait for tests results and the overwhelming sense of fear for what lies ahead for their sweet girl, brought chills to my soul. It is not by choice that you wish to understand what it truly feels like but it is because of your own experience that you know exactly what it feels like in those moments. It is that sense of helplessness and fear that connects us so deeply. It was as if they were writing about what I had felt and thought, although they knew nothing about our story.

When your child is diagnosed with a brain tumour or any life threatening illness such as cancer, your world as you know it has changed completely forever. You would do anything to trade places with your child. It is your worst nightmare and you begin searching and seeking for anyone or anything that will bring you comfort and strength to get you through this life changing journey. Laura and Laurie certainly found each other in the midst of their search. Living miles apart yet close at heart by sharing the same journey, demonstrates one of their many hidden blessings received during this very difficult time.

For Celeste and Hayley, their courage, bravery and determination guided them to creating, nurturing and sharing such a special friendship that only they will fully understand and appreciate.

It is clear that God knew they needed each other, had special plans for each of them, nurtured their belief of hope through prayer and created a sisterhood for both girls and their moms that will live on forever.

We many never understand the many “why" this happens to our child. But what this book helps us to understand is that in the midst of the “why" and the understandable sense of anger, sadness and despair, there is a greater plan. One too great for us to really understand. However if you can find a way to seek your faith and the willingness to open up your broken heart, there you will find the many hidden blessings offering you comfort, support, hope and love during your darkest of days."

Rachel: mom to a brave and courageous girl named Janica

Facing your child's cancer with Hope, Strength and Courage